"Great Detective Izamir Grimblock: the Case of Six Invisibles"

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"Great Detective Izamir Grimblock: the Case of Six Invisibles"
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"Great Detective Izamir Grimblock: the Case of Six Invisibles" is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

Author: B. B. Butts

Shrike Hills Publishing

"Grimblock walked around the crime scene. The cane of the great detective knocked on the floorboards with a rhythmic sound, like the clockwork he had instead of a heart.

'Without a doubt, the killer was an elf. Look at the tracks – a narrow foot, a modest shoe size. And low weight – the servant did not hear the creaking of the floorboards, and they are...' Grimblock rose on his toes and dropped on his feet heavily, causing the boars to screech. 'Let us say they are quite noisy. The killer is strong and tall... Thin, tall, strong, with small feet. Yes, of course, he is an elf.'

'Or a tall, thin, strong human,' Chapperbrant said passionately. 'And how did you come by the idea that the killer is tall and strong?!'

'He is strong because, otherwise, he would not have been able to hang so long, clinging to the window sill. And if he were not tall, how would I notice the tips of his boots in the window, walking up the stair?'

Grimblock approached the window and closed the shutter sharply. There was a scream, and the unfortunate elven killer fell into the bushes, along with the cloak of invisibility."