"Eternal Sunshine. A Pilgrim's Journal."

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"Eternal Sunshine. A Pilgrim's Journal."
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"Eternal Sunshine. A Pilgrim's Journal." is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"I failed to resist temptation, and quickly doused my weary feet in the holy waters of the oasis. I washed my feet off first, for it would never do to desecrate a divine font with the dust of the road.

The sunset danced upon the surface of the water. I closed my eyes as my flesh went numb, in yearning anticipation of a miracle. On the road, pain had gnawed at my heart, but now it melted into the holy water, and my sores seemed to fade away.

I looked into my heart, and questioned the purity of my thought. Was I worthy enough to escape my torment? Would Sarenrae give me a sign? I was prepared to greet the sound of flapping dove wings.

The fever overwhelmed me. I sensed the divine rays, but the sun had set. The light was coming through my eyelids! I witnessed the figures of Sarenrae and her angels. I dared open my eyes, but they were heavy, as if burdened with all the weight of the sun's heat. Sleep dawned upon me."