"Battle in the Valley of Fire" by Lurus Aldori

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"Battle in the Valley of Fire" by Lurus Aldori
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"Battle in the Valley of Fire" by Lurus Aldori is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"Argun was knocked flat. He laid gasping, arms spread, a lump of rage rising in his throat. He remembered his dream. Black soil, red ravens in the empty sky, their coarse croaks ringing in his ears, like a taunt...

Choral would never take Rostland! Never! Aldori sprang to his feet, as if the blood-soaked soil was driving him forward. With a cry of rage, the Swordlord rushed into the battle. The sky turned scarlet with blood, as he furiously chopped off his enemies' heads. The scarlet horizon drew closer, and its roar nearly drowned out the sound of battle. Argun looked to the sky, and a fiery blast descended upon him. These were no ravens that circled above him. The fearsome breath of the Red Dragons of Choral melted the soldiers' armor and turned living flesh to ash and dust..."